The Surge - Matte Painting

Benjamin bardou 99 surge out 1920

Final Matte Painting

Benjamin bardou 50 surge crop1

Crop 1

Benjamin bardou 50 surge crop2

Crop 2

Benjamin bardou 00 surge source

Random texture 1

Benjamin bardou 01 surge source

Random texture 2

Benjamin bardou 02 surge source

Random texture 3

Benjamin bardou 03 surge id


Benjamin bardou 99 render

Final render with compositing

The Surge Cinematic - Introduction

This is a matte painting done for one of the cinematic created by Capsule Studio for the videogame The Surge.
I started with no textures meshes. I made several renders with different materials and I played with them by alpha masking in Photoshop.
All is projected on different layers for create some depth.